green_animation (green_animation) wrote in ff_fanworks,

some sort of cliff-top (ffvii)

Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Zack, Cloud
Rating - PG
Table: Lyrical
Prompt: over and over he rehearses flight and fall

                                                                                                                Some sort of cliff top

The fall will be an arc of fear, the fall will be a roil in his stomach and a meaty snap in his chest. The fall will cripple him and he doesn't know if he can survive it at all; he has stepped off precipices like this before, and been pushed off of them too, but none have been this towering. Cloud looks up at Zack's chin, the angle of his jaw while he isn't looking. The fear of the fall is pushed away (but ne'er forgotten) as he thinks of the soft glory of the flight.

Tags: ! fic, *final fantasy vii, c: cloud, c: zack, u: green_animation
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